I’m done. Gender is cancelled. Goodbye.

Anonyme said: How do you feel about people that obviously aren't "in" the culture reblogging posts from you? I ask because the recent rise of ironic memes has a very deep and meaningful history behind it, and whenever I see people reblogging said memes when it's obvious that they know nothing about the culture beyond "hey it's tfw guy!", idk, it feels really disrespectful to the movement as a whole


its a fucking meme who cares, you pretentious fuck


Min Mt, China 岷山 (EXPLORED)

Min Mountains are a mountain range in central China. The highest elevation is Snow Treasure Peak, 5588 m and the second highest is Little Snow Treasure Peak, 5443m.


couldnt kaworu so impromptu twelve from znt





Industrial goth dance groups are having a good time

i wish i was having as much fun as them honestly

This is amazing

play this at my funeral

twin sized mattress is now a shuuneki song and it hurts

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